Monday, January 8, 2018


4 followers!! πŸ˜ƒ


So we have some important and exciting news! WE HIT 4 FOLLOWERS! Now Now, before you think we're too weird/desperate, once we hit 15-20 followers, we will have a giveaway/slight contest. We will giveaway Cookie's wonderful masterpiece of a raccoon... so yeah. And if you would like to see what it looks like, so you don't think I'm going to give you a terrible masterpiece, it's to the right. YOU CAN SEE IT. DON'T DENY IT. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 


  1.  Make an outfit that represents you! ( for me it would be all blue...) it could be your main look but, it MUST have some traits from you.
  2. Jag BOTH of us or...comment on this post your username, status, and include what animal it is for us, DO NOT CHANGE IT PLEASE. If your nonmember jag: I like your look! Make sure to log out as that animal.


OKAY... SO...


I, Cookie, was accepted to be a new author on the AJ art collaborative blog. I post on Tuesdays, so if you'd like to check out the blog and see me there, I highly suggest it! The blog is super cool and always has the coolest masterpieces displayed there. Anyways, those were the announcements. Have a positive, cookie-ful, sweet, DAY! BYEZZZ! BYEEE! ~ Sweets & Cookies  

Monday, January 1, 2018

AJ fan art!

New Years AJ art


Thank you!

Happy new year! Thank you so much for the warm welcomes! We appreciate it so much!  I wanted to point out, the inspiration for this blog was "the animal jam whip" the creator, Nafaria9, is an amazing author! If you haven't seen the blog ( which most of you probably have ) you should check out her blog! I recognized some of you guys in the comments. :)
Anyway,   I hope you guys have an amazing day! ~Sweets

 Cookies Here! So, it's New Years day.. guess it's 2018 now! I wonder what Animal Jam has in store for us, considering 2017 was supposed to be the "YEAR for members". But, before that, I wanted to share some AJ fan art. So, Sweets & I actually spent New Years together, so we drew and colored some Animal Jam fan art. Don't worry, we did the countdown though! Anyway, I'm going to display the artwork, but it's not the best. I decided to display it, and I hope you enjoy 😜

         1. Auraclaw
         I'm not sure if you guys KNOW Auraclaw, but she's an AWESOME animal jam youtuber. She's not as well known as the jambassadors, but she has over 1k subscribers, and she's super nice! So I did some fan art for her ^-^ It's not my best, the coloring's a little messy, but I'm happy with it. 

         2. Nafaria9 
         Ah, an amazing Animal Jam blogger. Sweets and I were looking up to find a rarity of an item, and clicked on her blog, The Animal Jam Whip. We've loved it since, and that's what got us into the blogging world. Now, we check AJ blogs a lot, and especially hers. So she's always been an inspiration. Here's Sweet's fan art of her!

         3. Cinno 
         We both LOVE Cinno, but sadly, she doesn't post as many Animal Jam videos as she used to. Her videos were hilarious, and we loved them. Our favorite videos were, "Testing Animal Jam Rare Generators", "10 reasons why I'm not Skorm", and another one of my favorites, "The Hole". So of course, after watching these, it's obivious why Sweets made fan art for her. 

         4. GeLly JoNeS
         I've gotta end this on my ABSOLUTE. FAVORITE. ANIMAL JAM. CONTENT CREATOR. - clears throat - IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF GELLY JONES, THEN GIRL, YOU'RE MISSIN' OUT! - clears throat - Okay, sorry. It's just that.. Her skits are so hilarious and just plain GENIUS. She puts so much effort into posting videos daily, and her song parodies are MMMM SPOT ON! She made artwork for people to buy that's donated to charity. She spends hours on artwork, and she doesn't get a single cent, because she's THAT generous. I could go on and on about her, but.. we gotta finish this super long post. So anyway, OBIVIOUSLY she was the first jammer I drew 😏

Friday, December 29, 2017


       Heyo! Hiya! It's Cookies, and Sweets! This is our blog! We also make Animal Jam videos on Youtube. The channel is called " Icecream Cookie Kitty AJ". Please check it out. On here we will probably post more on here since it doesn't take as long as making videos. So if you don't see videos, check the blog.  And feel free to buddy us, we love new friends! Or ask us questions outside of the blog. Our usernames on Animal Jam are cookies4ever8 and sweets4ever9. AND, important rule, this is only an ANIMAL JAM blog, don't ask us about anything besides stuff that's animal jam related. Unless we do a Q & A. Byezz! Byee! ~ The AJ Sugar Scoop